The International Community of Artist Scholars (ICAS) is a group of artist scholars dedicated to bringing different people, practices, and ideas together. It is our belief that working in between disciplines and categories is critically and creatively generative; shaping new ways of making, thinking, and collaborating. As a foundation we cherish such work for the challenges and rewards it presents.

The International Community of Artist Scholars is an innovative, experimental, and playful platform for artists and scholars who inhabit the space in-between scholarship and artistic practice. We believe as scholars and artist, or artist and scholars, that residing in the intersection between disciplinary roles is exciting and productive. Being between affords an existence that is not double but draws from two different wells. Being an artist/scholar is not leading a double life it is leading a life that is continuously weaving itself together in and out of projects and roles. Even at the least expecting moments these two strands are working upon each other and reworking one another. Researching, making, thinking, and writing are continuously being brought together, whether through unpredictable unfoldings of reading, drawing, writing, filming, researching, walking, contemplating, and discussing, or through assertive efforts. Being between is about accepting the always ongoing, intermixing, spilling over, reworking, messiness, insight, and confusion, that cannot turn on and off scholarship or practice.

ICAS was founded in the Spring of 2016 by Dr. Astrid Kaemmerling who during her time as a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Interdisciplinary Arts at OHIO noticed a need for an international community which would allow artist-scholars to experiment with new approaches. This vision was placed into action resulting in the 1st International Conference which took place in San Francisco in Spring 2017. Since than the community has grown and the further development is taking place with a team. Learn more about the team here.