1st Conference Call & Application Information 2016/17

Conference Theme: Belonging between scholarship and artistic practice

Belonging between scholarship and practice is energetic. For many of us, betweenness is a site where critical reflection, action, and creativity thrives. While we have found solace in the interstice, we have not found an external platform for our enthusiasm. Unsatisfied with having to choose either artist or scholar to match the institutional space, publication, program, or conference, we have taken it upon ourselves to realize a space that welcomes, encourages, and challenges what it means to be both a scholar and artist. We are interested in breaching the structure that divides thinking from doing, with our attention turned toward this act of transgression we invite you to join in the productive confusion of in-betweenness.

Please send a conference proposal to icascommunity2017@gmail.com by December 20th, 2016. The proposal packet includes: a 500-word statement about how your work/research blurs the line between research and practice, a link to your website/homepage, a 300-word statement explaining why you are interested in taking part in the first meeting of the International Community of Artist-Scholars (ICAS) and what role you envisioning playing at the conference and in the community, and a CV. Additionally, you are more than welcome to express your interest creatively by adding sound files, links to a short film, images of your work etc.

We are thrilled to announce that the first conference (02/23 – 02/26/2017) will be partially funded. Accommodation in San Francisco will be sponsored by Hostelling International. Participants will only have to cover a conference participation fee of $150, which will cover food and material costs to be paid in full by 1/20/2017, and travel expenses.

As this will be the first conference and community meeting, participation is extremely limited. Participants will receive information about their acceptance by January 2, 2017.

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